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Pacific Artisans, a “by invitation” commercial Community for Artisans, Artists and Consumers, is committed to presenting the finest and most unique fine art: wood, glass, clay, ceramic, painting, metal, photography, fiber and fabrics, wine and wine accessories, folk art and other creations by artisans and artists from California to Canada. We have been known to expand our borders when we find personally inspired Works which represent the finest examples of blending artistry, creativity and craftsmanship.

Pacific Artisans believes in creating a Community where artisan and artist, and those who appreciate their creations can meet, learn about each other, communicate with each other and provide feedback to each other.

Visit with Don Doerfler and Rose Hughes and see their self produced Videos.

Product Categories

  clay art and ceramic art   fiber art and fabric art   folk art   glass art  
  home and gardern art   metal artists and metal art   fine art prints    
  photography art   wine art and wine art accessories   wood art   new artisan arivals  

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